My name is Julia Mochalova.
I’m front-end developer from Russia, Moscow.

About me

I enjoyed drawing, dancing and music since I was born. When I grew up and became a web developer – I transferred my creativity to Front-End and especially to CSS3 animations.

I like to play drums and guitar, recently I started to practice calligraphy and drawing.

I love to travel and make photos wherever, whenever and of whatever :)

I want to be a creator. I want to be involved in something big, something, that will leave a trace in history and will improve people's life.

About my skills

I have more than 5 years of IT experience.
I’m specializing on developing semantic, usable and accessible websites, with attention to details.

My passion is a CSS3 transforms and animations.

I have experience in the following areas:

  • HTML, Haml, Slim, TWIG
  • CSS3, SCSS (SASS), styled-components
  • JS, jQuery, React
  • AI, PS, Sketch
  • Bootstrap 3-4
  • Gulp, Npm, Yarn, Webpack

About my work

Lykke is building a global marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets. I participated in most of the projects: BlockchainExplorer, LykkeWallet, LykkeStreams, etc.

VK.com — leading social network in CIS, and the most popular website in Russia.

Multi — NYC's food delivery app - a digital layer above the street.

Newidols — I was core Front-End Developer for the agency and participated in building majority of the websites.

Perm Summer School, Perm Winter School — blockchain conferences.

Youla — mobile-first location based C2C marketplace to buy and sell goods.

Dogsy — online marketplace for people to buy and sell pet care services including pet sitting, dog boarding, and dog walking.

Museum Plus: Virtual Japan Prints, Museum Center, Virtual Russian Museum, Russian Museum Shop, Archeoglobus.

Freelance work in progress: Dot



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